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Our products offer stylists a complete line of styling products, from the Base Cream and the Relaxers, which include Simply Relaxed with Shea Butter, the V.S. Gold Relaxer, and the No Lye Sensitive Scalp Relaxer, and the Conditioners, 2-17-R, 10-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo, and the Scalp Ale. We have maintenance products such as the Foam Wrap Lotion and Trio. We also have a Styling Gel and products that keep the scalp healthy, like the Super Gro and Carrot Oil. We have the finishing products, Spritz & Shine, Silk Sheen, Diamond Shine, Hot 10 Oil and the Silk ‘n Seal.


No Base Conditioning Relaxer

The BB Professional No Base Relaxer is a silicone based emulsifying blend of protective natural oils and conditioning agents
that soothe the scalp, nourishes, protects and repairs the hair shaft during the relaxer process. This luxurious formula provides
optimum straightening of the hair shaft without compromising the hair integrity.

32 oz. Conditioning Shampoo

Herbal Shampoo restores hair
to the proper PH after a V.S.
Gold Relaxer service unlike most
neutralizing shampoos, it will not
strip the natural oils from the hair.
It’s gentle enough to be used as
daily cleansing shampoo keeping
the hair shiny, with lots of body
and balance without weighing the
hair down.

32 oz. 10 N 1 Conditioner

BB Professional Super 10-IN-1 Conditioner is essential to all hair care needs. The word “Super” explains the maximum
performance that this powerful conditioner gives in every salon service for the perfect outcome to healthy, lustrous and radiant


32 oz. Foam Wrapping Lotion

This styling Lotion is a very dimensional product. It can display
its true benefits; whether on sculpting or molding hair. The
Foam Wrapping lotion can be used as a light hold, firm hold
or adding lots of body and shine. It can also be used to roller
set the hair. The 32oz Foam Wrapping lotion is a concentrated
formula. A quick reference chart is provided to help customize the
concentrated formula to fit every styling need using our 5-parts
diluting system.

32 oz. Scalp Ale

Scalp Ale can stop itching, flaking
and irritation associated with
dandruff. This therapeutic shampoo
has mild antifungal agents that
cleanse the scalp, remove buildup
and other problems associated
with dandruff. Once applied you
will experience a cooling sensation
enrich with menthol and tea tree.

V.S. Gold Resistant Relaxer

V.S Gold Relaxer is a silicone based relaxer, which allows the relaxer to stay in place and perform consistently throughout the
entire chemical process. This relaxer is the only relaxer in the hair industry that was formulated specifically to provide variable
strengths in one powerful purchase. V.S. Gold has a premium formula that can be customized to provide both damage control
and quality relaxation to all textures of hair, including color treated hair.

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