NuSmoothe™ Smoothing Treatment

NuSmoothe™ Smoothing Treatment is a recon-struction foam mousse that off ers the ionic fusion of amino acids to all hair textures. Long lasting re-sults give up to 12 weeks of energetic and radiant hair.

  • Directions

    Part the hair into four sections. Apply NuSmoothe™ treatment to the hair using 1/4 inch parting and alternate application of foam to every other section. Comb each section through to ensure even distribution of the product. Proceed to blow dry the hair using moderate heat.


    No processing time is required to control frizz or to elongate the curl pattern by 20-30 percent. (Also recommended for fine, color-treated, re-laxed and transitioning hair)


    Process with a plastic cap for 20 minutes to elongate the curl pattern 75-90 percent. Control the processing time according to desired straight-ness. (Recommended for maximum straightening abilities, but can be lessened by decreasing processing time)


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