No Lye Relaxer

The No Lye Sensitive Scalp Relaxer is designed to meet the need of clients that require a milder relaxer due to extremely sensitive scalp problems while their hair texture require normal relaxation. This feature is what makes the No Lye Formula the choice of cosmetologist. This relaxer penetrates deep into the cuticle layer giving the cosmetologist the desired degree of relaxation without irritation or scalp discomfort while depositing an emollient that keeps the hair smooth and silky to the touch. When used along with the Herbal Conditioning Shampoo and Super 10-IN-1 Conditioner, the hair is left in a moisturized and conditioned state thus preventing the dry and full appearance that is often left by other No Lye Relaxers. Using our Herbal Conditioning Shampoo and Super 10-N-1 reduces the probability of calcium build up. After every six No Lye Relaxers, it is recommended that your client be relaxed with a mild sodium hydroxide relaxer to aid
the removal of any calcium deposits.


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