Hot 10 Oil

Hot 10 Oil

Why make an investment in several different oils when you can have one that will fulfill all of your needs.


    Bronner Bros Pro Hot 10 Oil is made from luxurious botanical oils for a variety of purposes. It helps replenish moisture balance in human skin, scalp and nails. It is rich in wheat germ, mineral oil and jojoba oil. Hot 10 Oil can be used for: 1. Scalp Oil 2. Hand Oil 3. Nail Oil 4. Massage Oil 5. Lubricating Oil 6. Hot Oil treatment 7. Hair Oil 8. Bath Oil 9. Face Oil 10. Body Oil Recipe: Use Hot 10 Oil and Super I0-in-1 Conditioner in equal parts to loosen waves or help rid the hair of product build up. Use Hot 10 Oil, Foam Wrapping Lotion and a small amount of gel on nape of neck to mold the hair.


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